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About Us



Diane Luongo-Gazich

Diane Luongo-Gazich has been involved in real estate related industries for more than 31 years.

She began her career in the early 80s with one of the largest foreclosure firms in California where she specialized in processing and conducting trustee sales.

Diane’s expertise and knowledge in the foreclosure industry enabled her to transition into real estate lending.

Working for a major savings and loan association, Diane gained additional experience in loan processing and underwriting.

After having been promoted to loan originations, Diane’s career flourished. After only a short time, she was recognized as the #1 Top Producer in the nation and held that accomplishment for the next 7 years in addition to attaining exclusive membership in the President’s Club for 8 consecutive years.

At management’s urging, she then developed a strategic sales training program that gained her national exposure and popularity among her peers.

Diane’s approach to lending is to ‘structure’ loans based on the client’s cash flow needs, lifestyle, and long-term goals.

Unlike competitors who just quote interest rates, Diane’s approach has resulted into more than 4,000 successful loan closings to date.

Diane is a frequent speaker to the real estate community on real estate and motivational topics. Her “Success Strategies” and “One Degree” presentations have motivated real estate professionals to take their business to a higher level of success.

kyndra 3

Kyndra Wright

Kyndra Wright has many years of customer service experience with an emphasis in retail management. She studied Merchandise Marketing at the Fashion Institute where she focused on business development and multi-channel marketing in the fashion and public relations industries. This allowed her to better understand the wants and needs of the consumers.

In 2012 after re-locating from Southern California to Northern California, Kyndra was approached from a fellow loan officer if she would be interested in making a career move. He believed her experience in retail, attention to detail, willingness to learn, and tenacity would be a great asset to the mortgage and lending industry.

Kyndra grew up in real estate and development and had always thought someday down the road she would be interested in following her family’s footsteps. Kyndra didn’t expect this day would be so soon. She has been able to experience all areas of industry first with real estate and construction, and now in lending.

In January of 2013 a personal relationship contact back in Southern California referred her to the CEO and Founder of Diversified Capital Funding. The company was expanding and looking to add to their company after the market had shifted back in 2008. After meeting with both the CEO and Branch Managing Partner, Kyndra felt she found the perfect company and culture to flourish in the mortgage industry.

Over the last year and half Kyndra has assisted on a variety of loan scenarios and programs with many high producing Loan Officers. She takes a hand on approach with all files as no two are the same. Kyndra knows the challenges that arise and will do what is needed to overcome any obstacles to make sure all parties have a second to none experience! She values personal relationships not only the with the clients, but realtors, escrow and business contacts. It’s about building solid relationships and having lifetime referrals.

This past February Kyndra had the opportunity to team up with Diane Luongo-Gazich to take her career to the next level. With Diane’s more than 31 years of experience in the industry, her approach to lending, her motivational speaking events in the real estate community Kyndra knew the sky was the limit and the possibilities were endless!
Kyndra spends her time between both Northern and Southern California, which allows her to be able to spend time with her family while building business relationships and learning more about the industry. She is currently working on getting her NMLS and is committed to helping bring value to your lending experience by providing excellent customer service.

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