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FDIC Loan Modification

As of January 28, 2009 the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) loan modification was put into effect. What is unique particularly about these loan modifications is that they are available to borrowers who have mortgages from lenders covered by the FDIC, giving some borrowers a chance they didn’t have before and making it easier for others.For the first five years after an FDIC loan modification has been established, the interest rate on the modified mortgage is at the lowest amount possible, and slowly the interest rate will rise over time. There is a maximum amount that the interest rate will reach, which is determined during the loan modification process by the borrower’s income and expenses.The mortgage is also extended over a 30 year period to accommodate the new monthly payments.Most borrowers try to get a loan modification because they are worried about foreclosure.

However; what most don’t know is that even if foreclosure has already begun, it’s possible to get a modification on their mortgage. So those who are on the edge can pull back to stability.Because of the complicated nature of a FDIC loan modification, working with a trained modification attorney is the best option to get the most out of the agreement. There are attorneys and companies across the country that specialize in getting borrowers a modification on their mortgage, and they know what they’re doing when they talking to a lender. They can also help the borrower fill out the paperwork and steer them in the direction for a plan that will work well for them in their situation. Getting the FDIC loan modification isn’t difficult, but qualifying for it is. Several factors are going to be looked at before a decision is made, and some factors not even an attorney can help sway – bankruptcy, for example. A few of these factors are: The date the mortgage was taken out, credit, income, debt, and mortgage payment history. However; each lender considers different factors when considering a borrower for loan modification, so it is especially important for the borrower to inquire about the requirements before applying.The FDIC loan modification requires the borrower to use their current mortgage lender for the modification to prevent transfer of credit or debit between lenders. Some may see this as a hindrance for them, but besides protecting the lenders, it also ensures that the modification will not take an extended amount of time to be approved. But even with this time saving measure, getting an FDIC loan modification can take upwards of five weeks.


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