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Loan Modification and Bankruptcy

Many people are in desperate need of help from their lenders in the form of a loan modification. The financial difficulties being faced by these homeowners are causing people to struggle or fail to make their mortgage payments.With so many homeowners facing foreclosure or bankruptcy, borrowers are looking to their lender to help them modify their loan agreements. They are hopeful about getting some relief in the interest they are paying by having their interest rate, their principle or their monthly payments reduced.Bankruptcy is a legal recourse a borrower takes when he can no longer pay his bills. Foreclosure is not always avoided when a homeowner files for bankruptcy, nor does the homeowner need to live in their home until the loan is paid off. It is much better to choose a loan modification whenever this option is available as opposed to choosing bankruptcy.There are many reasons a loan modification is better than filing for bankruptcy:As soon as your file for bankruptcy, you are powerless to do anything that will save your home. It is important that you know that filing for bankruptcy only keeps your creditors from calling you. Alternatively, if you are approved for a home loan modification you will continue to pay your loan, albeit slowly, and will eventually own your home.Filing for bankruptcy will almost certainly damage your credit record and it is possible you will never qualify for a mortgage again or if you do qualify, the interest would make it unaffordable. Therefore the best option is to apply for a loan modification which enables you to regularly pay off your loan which will ultimately improve your credit rating.A well planned loan modification may improve your chances of fixing your credit score.

This will never happen if you file for bankruptcy and a bankruptcy will always show on your credit report. If you pay your loan regularly, meeting the terms of your newly modified loan, you will improve your score. Thinking about what options is the best for you, either bankruptcy or loan modification, it is obvious that a loan modification is better. Settling your debts will not damage your records, whereas defaulting on a loan will haunt you for the rest of your life, limiting future opportunities.


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