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Why use a Loan Professional?

When it comes to obtaining a loan there are many people who run blind and do not have the first idea about the process or even who to go to. When applying for a personal loan or a home loan many consumers will go to the financial institution where they have their bank account. Whilst this is logical it is not necessarily smart. Just because you bank with them does not mean they will lend you money.

Then there is choosing a lender because they are the ones you remember for the most recent advertising. This is great for the lender because they are potentially gaining new customers however this may not be the best choice for the consumer.

A major disadvantage of you shopping around for a loan is you unwittingly will obtain credit inquiries on your credit file. The more inquiries you have on your credit file the more difficult it is to get a loan as lenders see you are shopping around and deem that as a negative.

When looking to obtain a loan whether it be home, personal or business you should be looking to a Loans Broker or a Mortgage Broker (one of the same in many instances). Not all loans brokers will cover all types of loans.

What a Loans Broker does is the hard work you really don’t have time to do as a consumer. A Loans Broker is required by law to provide you with guidance and advice that will put you in a better financial position to what you are in now. They will ascertain your current financial situation, contact a number of lenders on your behalf, complete application forms and act as an intermediary between you and the lender.

A good Loans Broker will ensure you are informed. They should be demystifying the process of obtaining a loan and most importantly taking the stress out of obtaining a loan.

Using a Loans Broker means you do not have credit inquiries on your file unnecessarily. This is because a good loans broker will have relationships with lenders that ensure they have a high amount of certainty in your obtaining a loan before applying.

The cost of using a loans broker to the consumer is generally free. The lender pays the loans broker at the time of settlement and this does not effect your loan cost at all. This information is fully disclosed to the borrower. In some instances there may be an upfront fee however your Loans Broker will disclose and discuss this with you.

So if you are looking to borrow money don’t go to the first lender that comes into your head. Go to your Loans Broker and get the advice that will save you moneyHealth Fitness Articles, stress and your credit file.

If you have any questions about the loan process, feel free to contact me!


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